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Date: October 17th 1944

Pte. J. L. Dureault

Somewhere in England

Romon Way Convalescent

October 17, 1944

Hosp. W. G6 C.A.O.

Dearest Dad Mother Bro and Sis'

Well Dad thanks for the beautiful letter that I received from you yesterday. Was really surprised to hear that my oldest Sis is going to get married it sure happen pretty fast, eh! Well Dad, glad to hear that you are not working to hard and make sure you keep it that way. Hello other, I guess you'll be pretty busy, eh! Sewing , poor Mom take it slow mother ha, ha! Lorraine so I see you assisted Windy Wel..,eh? You want to be careful and leave the laundry alone. Emilda how are you I hear you are being a good girl. Hello Blanche so you've decided that you'd make a good wife for someone, eh! Boy oh boy. I'll be writing you a letter Sis. Hello George, how are you old boy. I guess you'll be celebrating soon, eh! You can take my place, eh! Carmelle many of kisses to you and Maxine million's of hugs and kisses. Well when you invite the people don't forget my Denise, eh! I'd sure like to attend it but only a miracle would do that as I'm back into shape pretty fast but it won't be long till were all home again s chin up and smile through God. Say hello to Duke for me, eh! And also Uncle's and Aunts who are all visiting and a give hug to Uncle Caddy and Aunty Agnes and tell them that I often think of them. Well there really isn't much more to say so I think I'll say bye bye for now hoping and praying that this letter reaches you all in perfect health and all the luck in the world
from you Son and Bro who loves you all very much and prays to be able to be back with you all soon.

As ever Buck xxxxxxx