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Date: October 15th 1944

L. 106508 Somewhere in Eng

Oct 15/44 Sun

Roman Way Convalescent

Hospital W.C.6 C.A.O.

Dearest Dad Mother Bro & Sis;

Well here I am once more with nothing much to say I haven't received any parcels yet but I should do next week, I hope.

Well Dad, I hope that you are not working to hard and are feeling in the very best of health. Dearest Mother I suppose your always busy sewing, eh! Poor Ma, take care of you. Hello Blanche and Lorraine and Emilda how are the big girls I sure hope you are all fine and don't fight too much ha! Ha! How's the little brother George are you feeling O.K. now George or still a little puke. Carmelle many kisses to you and be a good girl, eh? Now for my little Maxine many and millions of hugs and kisses to you and don't be a bad girl. Best of regards to good old Due I suppose he'll be staying in town soon, eh? I sure hope he isn't working to hard any way and above all don't forget to mention me to Uncle and Any Agnes, eh? Tell them I always' think of them. Also a big hello an kisses to Grandmother and all the rest of Uncles' and Aunts. Well yesterday afternoon I went to town even if I wasn't suppose to but I did make an appointment to get snap taken on Wed. so if it's nice I'll go and then I'll be able to send you one as Tuck wants one pretty bad. So that's pretty near all I have to say for this time. Carey says' hello to you, Dad & Mother. My leg is coming along slow but sure so that's fairly good news, eh? I was at church and communion this morning and this week there is a retreat so I'll attend to it all so it starts Tuesday to Friday so that isn't very long, eh? Well as there is no more to say I'll close for today wishing you all the very best of health and all the luck in the world.

From you Son & Bro who often thinks of you

All and prays so as he'll be able to be back

With you all soon.

Buck xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx