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Date: October 12th 1944

L. 106508 Somewhere in England

Pte. J.L. Dureault

October 12/44 Thurs.

Roman Way Convalescent

Hosp. W.G.C. C.A.O.

My Dearest Dad, Mother, Bro & Sis's;

Well here I am once more just received one of Lorraine's most appreciated letters and a very interesting one to I must say. I also got a letter from the two Denise's and Helen Sanderson so I really have to get busy and answer them now. Yesterday I received a swell letter from good old Tuck and also a snap of him boy he sure is a great kid he's a L/cpl now beat me to it. Ha! Ha!

Well I guess Dad you're pretty busy, eh! Take it easy Dad that's an order; get it, that's an order, Ha! Ha. Thanks' for your little note Mother, I'll assure you that it was greatly appreciated and do it again Mum do it often, please. Blanche what you ding I haven't heard from you for ever so long getting lazy are you? Lorraine thanks a lot for your swell letter I sure enjoy them Sis & keep it up. Emilda I hear you're a great hell around the house keep it us Sis. George, I hope you are felling well by now better be careful. Carmelle many kiss to you and be a good girl, eh! Now for my little Maxine thousand and millions of kisses and be a good little girl. My best of regards to Duke and all Uncle and Ants, I guess there is quite a few of Uncle and Ants now, eh? Visiting I sure wouldn't mind being with the gang. It won't be long now thought Jerry can't keep up I don't think. Oh, he does we'll get him down ha! ha! So you got a nice letter from little Denise, eh? She sure is a swell kid but I don't know if I should let George see her than I may lose her ha! Ha! I also must write to her tonight as every time I write home I write to her to. Don't forget to give my love to Uncle and Ant's, eh? And tell them I often think of them. Well as for me am doing fairly well and getting along pretty good now. I'll know better in a couple of weeks or so. Carey told me to say hello to you all and don't forget to mention him to his Ant.

I sure hope Denise keep's on getting weekends poor kid sure seems lone some, even if I'm father away I don't think I get so lonesome as Nish! But I do miss home though and home is the most wonderful thing in the world that I have found out. Well I must close now best of health and luck to all. May God bless you all.

From your Son & Bro who often thinks of you

And hopes to see you soon.

Buck xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx