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Date: October 3rd 1945

L. 106508, Pte J.L. Dureault

# 1 Repot Depot

A. Wing C.W. Eng.

Oct 3, 1945

Dearest Dad & Mother & Family;

Hell there everybody how are you all as for me am feeling in the very best of health. I also have some wonderful news for you. Guess what, it is?! I'm on my way "Home". I think you can expect me at the most four weeks time that is if every thing goes well and boy am I ever a happy boy. I just can't seem to believe that it is true, but I'm at my Repot Depot now and am on 12 hours notice they told us that it was a bad time as the boat's are as hard to find as a needle in a hay stack but it's the most important step already made and that sure is a lot my next move now is the Boat. Ain't that just swell it will give you a chance to give me a good spanking Dad ha! ha! Bet you that you won't do it.

However, I can't tell you just when but keep a good eye on the paper and a good ear on the radio some day soon you'll hear my name called. The weather here is fine just now so no complaints at all.

Now for Gosh sakes don't get to excited, eh! Please just take it as I have always been home and that I have to just been gone for awhile.

Well as there is no other news this is a letter I've been wanting to write for a long time it's the best news for us all.

From you Son & Bro who loves you all Dearly Kisses to all.

Louis xxx