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Date: October 1st 1944


Some where in England

Pte. J. L. Dureault

Sunday Oct. 1st, 1944

23 Cdn, General Hosp

Dear Dad Mother Bro and Sis.

Here I am one more today being Sunday and that being a day that I always think of home either Dad is sleeping and were trying to get him up to go somewhere right? Ha. Ha! Should I of said that Dad.? Well, since Wed. I've been able to go to Mass every afternoon and this morning I went to High Mass and also communion. I also went to Communion Thursd. And I'm going to go every day now that it is possible. I got a letter from my little Denise. Again yesterday and I guess the poor kid felt pretty a bad about it all I don't know but I guess you all took it to darn hard for nothing. Well Dad, I'm glad that your work is much easier with the new motor's and I also hope you got all of the grain off the ground and don't work to hard Dad. Mother how are you fine I hope and not working to hard, et! Hello Blanche how are you doing Hello to Paul for me, eh! Lorraine and Emilda are you being good girls? Hello George g Porgy how's the big boy ridding the bike to beat the band I'll bet. Carmelle many kisses to you and be a good girl. Maxine well for you thousand and million of big kisses and be a good little girl.

A big hello to Duke and am always hoping that he's still singing ha!ha! and also hello to grandmother and most of all Dear Uncle Eddy and Aunty gosh I sure wish I would e home to see them make sure that they have a good time as they treated me like a king. A big hello to them and load's of kisses. Well to tell you the truth there isn't a thing new over here it's a hospital and Dad knows eh! A good thing there's lots' of French boys here to talk as speaking sure feels good it makes you feel more at home. I haven't had that parcel yet Dad but it should be here anytime now. Well, as paper is getting short I'll call it a letter so here's wishing you all loads of health and all the luck in the world.

From your Son xxxxxxxx

& Bro who loves you all Buck. Kisses and all my love.