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Date: May 23rd 1945

R.W.C.A. C.A.O.

May 23/45

Dearest Dad Mother Bro & Sis's & Duke

Here I am once more received a swell letter half from Emilda and half of Dad thanks an awful lot. I also received a letter from Nish today and she seem's to be in the very best of health. Sure sorry to hear that you are not getting my letters as I write often. But I do hope everything is O.K. now. Well Dad I sure hope that you are not working to hard. Make darn sure you take it easy now and that's an "order"!!

Well I'm waiting for them tow letter's to come so I can put in for compassionate ground's as they don't seem to be in to big of rush to send the Cdn's home so as soon as the letters get here I'll put in for it. If you sent them they'll likely be here by the end of this week or the beginning of the next.

The weather over here is simply grand today boy that old sun is just taking a dead bead on us. I'm getting to be pretty brown now as I've laid out in the sun just of late. Boy, I'm sure anxious to go home and help you Dad and I'll sure do my up most to get there as fast as I can. Well room is getting kind of scares so I'll call it for today.

May you all have the best of health and Health and

All the luck in the World your son and bro who

Loves you all Dearly Louis xxxxxxxxxx