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Date: May 4th 1945

R.W.C.H. C.A.O.

May 4/45

Dearest Dad Mother Bro & Sis & Duke

Just received your most welcome letter today Dad and believe me sure was pleased to get it. Was deeply hurt over what happened to poor Little Blanche, however, I do hope and pray that everything is O.K. now. Very sorry to hear about the poor little girl but I'm praying to God real hard that he may save the little boy for them. I couldn't help but cry a little when I heard of it. But nothing happens without Gods consent.

Now Dad about me putting in for a leave home on compassionate grounds it will do me no good to go and see the C.O. unless I have a letter with or should say from Mr. Perly stating of your disability and also a note from the Company stating that I'm able to carry on your work without trouble try to get that done as soon as possible and send it by Air Mail form as soon as your able to get the required information as without that information Dad it's just like me being in a canoe in a big Lake without a paddle. After that I get that information for the C.O. I'll be able to attend to it immediately, so I'm hoping and praying God that it won't take to long to come.

It's really to bad about Adrien Bonnville how did the fire start anyway?! Bow, old Wolseley sure is getting the hard luck strike lately. But I do hope and pray God that that's about all over by now. So chins up everybody and May God bless you all and take real good care of yourselves as you all mean so much to me. Yet all the bad luck going is happening to you and here I am miles away helpless to be able to do anything but I hope that it won't be to long before I'm able to be of some use to you Dad. But don't any of you give up. Take it when it comes and tomorrow may be a better day. Well I must go now.

From your son & bro who love you all dearly & I do hope and pray God that you'll be able to get that information here for me to be able to act on and do my up most about it.

Till than chins up everybody and may God bless and bring you all better luck.

As ever . Louis ... Cheerio!