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Date: March 30th 1945

R.W.C.H. C.A.O.

March 30/45

Dearest Dad Mother Bro & Sis,

Well here I am at last I have jut received a letter from Emilda which I was very pleased to get it sure made me very happy to hear from you at home. I also heard from Tuck today and you'll more than likely have heard that he is in Holland now and he likes it a lot better there. Tuck and I am be seeing each other soon as he expects' to get a leave in the middle of April boy it will be just like seeing someone from home when I see him so I'm keeping my fingers cross't hoping the War will be over by then. Well today being Good Friday we didn't do anything this afternoon we went to the prayer's sad a rosary and the Way of the Holly Cross and then a sermon and there is no church tomorrow as he hasn't got the necessary things to do it well but Sunday we'll be going to Communion for the Cdn Troops in Action. I'm writing with a straight pen tonight that's some thing I haven't done forever it's been so long. I also got a swell Easter Card from Denise Dureault today and boy it sure was nice. Poor Denise she seem's to find time to write to her Bro. All well at home as for me it's just possible to be any better. My leg feel's ever so good after that operation it seem's to have brought it right to the top of the world again. Oh! I send the rug home Thurs I couldn't register it as they just won't do it however, I hope and pray God it will get there safely.

Well these don't seem to be anymore to say so here's saying Hello to all Aunts' and Uncles & May God bless them all I must go and see Leo next weekend I'm not sure yet but I'll try to do so. Well here's wishing everybody the very best of everything and may God Bless you all. Thank's for the swell letters Emilda but stop call Dad old Man if you say that in front of me I'll spank your bum for you my love.

Your Son & Bro Louis - Cheerio