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Date: June 27th 1944

Sun. June 27, 1944

Dear Dad Mother, Sis, Bro.

Hello everybody here I am again nothing to do so I thought I'd drop you a line or so. I see on the paper the Wolseley is C.C.F. on the move, eth? Well as far as my health I am feeling just fine and sure hope you are all the same. Well Dad, how are you feeling lately is our side all better now I sure hope so and how's business at the elevator. Still the same I'd think. I would be a little quiet now until harvest anyways. What ever you do Dad take good care of yourself and don't work to hard. Well Mother Dear how are you. I suppose you are really busy now getting ready to move, eh! Well don't work yourself to had Mum and take good care of yourself. Hello there Blanche, how's the big girl feeling lately have you got over your weak spell yet. I sure hope so and say hello to Philip's for me and the rest of them and be a good girl also a big hello to Paul for me and tell him to behave. Well Lorraine and Emilda how's all little things I suppose by the time you get this letter you'll be on your summer holidays, et! May be moving and working fairly hard I hope ahem and Lorraine keep up the wood work. Well my little Brother George, how are you old boy still as spry as ever are you keeping care of my dog and don't forget to cut his long hair off, eh! Please do that for me. Well Carmelle, how are you I hope you are being a good girl and not causing to much work for Mother loads of kisses to you. Well my little Maxine how are you? Louis sends you thousands and millions of kisses and be a good little girl and when Louis comes home we'll have a lot of fun, eh? Also best regards to Duke and am always hope is not working to hard although I don't thin I need to worry also say hello to Johnny and give him my address and tell him to write. Well as for amusement I have not been doing much. Yesterday, we walk to a village and took in a show a western show and it was really good and had a supper and come back and went to bed and here I am writing a letter home. I've been going around without a shirt now and boy or boy talk about a tan I look as brown as an Indian so you wouldn't know me ha ha!.

Say hello to everybody for me also Jerry he's really one of my best pals and also grandmother and all Uncle's and Aunts. I guess Bill Melanad has his discharge by now eh! I wonder what he's going to do now. Oh! Say Dad when you get my $25.00for the house on the end of July take a dollar and give it to church in my intention, please. Well this is really all I have to say the Army still treats me swell and I still like it as much as ever so that's that I sure hope to hear from you all soon out of eight of us there should be enough time for a letter everyday, eh? As they sure are welcome till then best of health and luck to you and may God Bless all and keep smiling oh! Happy Birthday Dad on the 1st of July. I hope to be able to send you a wish.

Your Son and bud who loves you all Buck


L106508 Pte. J.L. Dureault

No 2 C.B. R. Group

C.A. O.

RK Templeton