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Date: June 21st 1945

R.W. C. H. C.A.O.

June 21, 1945

Dearest Dad, Mother Bro & Sis,

Well hello every body how are you all fine I do hope as for myself am well and happy and do hope to be able to go home to you all real soon. Received your swell letter Dad and sure pleased to hear from you boy are there ever going to be some real races back home this year. I'd sure like to be there for them boy I really do love races they had a Derby race here and the horse I picked won it was Dante Gel, he was really a swell looking horse.

Well I suppose you've heard about Denise Guilbert quite a go he? Oh, well those things is what makes a world so when the mild is spilt it's to late to pick it ups so I won't let it worry me a darn bit there's a lot of fish in the sea, anyway. I'll be a free man when get home and able to build a future. I'm in no big hurry to hook up to anyone at the present. Too much has happened.

Well how is everyone at home? I do hope that you are all in the best of health and happy as can be. My pal Frank Lawton is here on 48 hour leave and sure am glad to see him here he's a swell kid.

Yesterday afternoon I got half a day off and one of the boy's and myself got a couple of bikes and went to the sea side boy was it every nice there. I really enjoyed myself. Well I haven't heard any more of my application but the more days that go by the quick it will get here. Well I must go now.

From your Son & Bro who loves you all

Dearly and hopes to hear from you soon.

All my love and respect.

Louis... Cheer's