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Date: June 8th 1945

R.W.C.H C.A.O.

June 8, 1945

Dearest Dad Mother Bro & Sis & Duke,

Hello everybody here I am at last. Received your wire and sure glad to know that the letters are on there way.

Also received a letter from My Dear little Denise today and sure feel sorry for the poor girl there is no doubt that you've heard of the poor girl loosing her Dear old Mother gosh I didn't know what to do really so I wrote here a letter as comforting as I could I sure wish there to comfort the poor girl gee I really think the world of her she asked I had spent a couple of day's at home, we had already planned on her coming home when I'd come but them plans will have to broken for the time being as she is all alone with her Dad now and he is not very well himself, so I told her in fact promised her I'd go up to see her she said that her Mother wanted to meet me in the worse way. Oh! Well God rules this world and when our time comes we all must go.

Well I do hope that you are all well at home. As for myself I really couldn't be feeling any better am anxious to get those letters so as I can get things cracking over here the Capt. Thinks the possibilities are real good so that sure is a big consolidation.

Received another 300 cigs from Leo Dureau the other day so I must write and thank him an awful lot for them he sure is a swell kid. Well I suppose the all the farmers have most of the crops in by now it sure was a late seeding year wasn't it? Wait till you hear me talk like a British when I go home you'll laugh and I won't blame you a bit I'm getting pretty good at it to if I must say so myself. Well room is getting scares now so will have to leave you for tonight.

From you Son & Bro who loves you all so very

Much old Louis Cheers for now.