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Date: July 2nd 1944

July 2,/ 44

Dear Dad Mother Bro and Sis,

At last here I am again I really meant to write before now but I really didn't have time so today being writing. I have all afternoon to write so I'm going to get caught up on it today. Well, yesterday we went up town and took in a show which of course enjoyed very much Mickey Rooney in The Girl He left Behind it was good. Today well I went to church and also took in communion so that's that. I have not received any letter directly from home yet but I really hope to really soon so write a lot eh. Directly, please. Well Dad how are you feeling lately? I hope in the best of Health and also hope you are not working to hard. Well Mother how are you lately I guess you'll be moving in our New House tomorrow, eh! Boy, eh? Boy I sure wish I could be there to help you and keep care of yourself Mum.

Well, Blanche how are you doing fine I hope. I'll bet you're pretty fussy now, eh! Will take it easy and be good Lorraine and Emilda. I guess you'll be pretty busy, eh! And also soon will be sports day boy I guess you'll really be going to town, eh! Be good girls. George, old boy how's things. I guess they'll be making you work, eh!? I'll bet that doesn't suite you so good keep care my dog, eh! Well Carmelle many kisses to you and be a good girl. Maxine will send you thousand and millions of kisses and be a good little girl. Also best regards to Duke and tell him to take it easy and not to let Herman Beiber bounce him around to much, ha,ha.

Well send me the results of the races of sports days, eh! I'll bet nester Coirmer's horse is the winner say Hello to all Uncle and Aunts for me and also ad the cousins. Oh, yes don't forget to send me some cigs, as boy oh boy a fellow sure suffers with no Canadian Cigs.

Well I guess I'll close for now. This is all I have to say for now I am feeling fine and in tip top shape. Best of health and luck to all of you and may God bless you from your Son and Brother who loves you all dearly.

Buck xxxxxxxxx

L106508 Pte J.L. Dureault

No 2 C.B.R. Group