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Date: July 29th 1945

Mr. Jerry Malhiot

Box 314

Wolseley, Saskatchewan

July 29, 1945

Dear Louis,

Well old pal I finally got down to write you a letter. We have been going to the lake this last 2 or 3 Sundays, get home late and not time to write letters. I hope you will forgive me. You will won't you, (good show). There is no news at all, oh, yes we got a race horse Lady Tide is her name 2 year old, August 30th. Her mother went 2:10 her father went 2.04 so she should be able to go 2.20 anyway. Oh well time will tell I guess.

We went to all the sports days and had a good time all the way around. The best races were at Wolseley. Just about the last sport's day. Well when will you be able to come home, any idea at all? There are a lot Wolseley boys come back already, Smiley, Alex Sockowisky, Barber, Pear, etc. I can hardly wait for you to come back again, shucks, can't you just hear us (slop slop) boy it will be good. There is not much news. Likely going up to Regina next week. Maybe, we will be are haying now and boy it's the shits.

Well old boy be good and when you are on your way back stop in Ontario or Manitoba and see if you can pick up a couple of cases of that good beer. I have got money saved to pay for them so for gosh sakes do your very best.

As ever, Jerry