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Date: July 9th 1944

L 106508 Pte J. L. Dureault

No 2 C.B.R. Group


Sun. July 9/44

Dear: Dad Mother Bro and Sis.

Hello everybody here I am again with a good will to try and write a letter. I don't know how I'm going to write one but they say there's nothing like a good try. Well, I'm feeling fine and always ready to go. I was hoping to get a letter before I wrote one but no such luck but they'll come soon. Well Dad, how are you feeling fine I hope and don't you work to hard Dad take it easy I sure hope that you are on your holidays now and are enjoying them. I'll bet they are making you work anyway, eh? Well Mother, dear how are you I guess I can pretty near tell working on or house and sewing and what have, right? Well take good care of yourself Mother and don't dare work to hard. Well Blanche, how's the girl fine I hope and of course I must not forget Paul how is the big boy? Say hello to the girls around town for me please and tell them to be good and don't forge to do that yourself, ha ha. Well, Lorraine and Emilda did you pass your summer exams? I sure hope you did. I suppose you'll both be pretty busy now, eh!? Well do all you can and be good girls. Hello there George, how's thing's doing well at school and did you pass? I suppose your busy helping too. Well do all you can my little George and be a good boy and keep care of Rex for me. Carmelle how's the little girl? Hope you are being good and Louis sends loads of kisses, Maxine my little baby how are you? Millions of kisses and loads of love to you and be a good little girl. Say hello to good old Due for me and tell him to behave, ha. Ha. Also, a big hello to Grandmother and all Aunts and Uncles. Well since I last wrote I have been doing the same thing this morning. I went to communion again and had dinner and slept till now so that's not hard is it? That fellow that you met is the café Cary well he's still with me in fact sleep's right beside me in the same tent Sterringer from Grenfell he got hurt by fooling around and hurt is ankle so he's at the hospital and this is about all the news there is. How did sports day turn out? Oh! By the way dad I may be late in wishing you a really Happy Birthday but don't ever let yourself think that I didn't think of you cause I did Dad I'd sent you a wire if I could but better late than never and may it be a happy and lucky year for you Dad and I will also be Blanche's Birthday soon loads of luck to you kid may happy return of the year. Well this is all I can find time to say and besides I'm running sort of paper now I'll close wishing you the very best of health and loads of luck.

Your son and brother who always thinks of you and prays for you all so with all my love and the kisses in the world hoping to hear from you all soon.

Love and kisses xxxxxxx Louis xxxx