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Date: August 27th 1944

Pte. J.L. Dureault L106508

Some where in France

BN Ho.Q. Coy. S.S. RetT.C.A.O.

Sat. 27/44 Aug

Dear Dad Mother Bro and Sis's

So here I am once more this with the biggest pleasure I've had since I came to France and do you know what this is well here it is I got a letter that Denise wrote while she was home and I got it last night it was mailed on August 17 so it sure done o.k. and no doubt I don't have to tell you how happy I was I kissed the letter a hundred and one times before I read it.

Well folks I'm feeling fine and as healthy as can be so no kick on my pants. Well Dad, Denise told me you were well but starting to be buy gosh Dad please take this from your son don't work to hard, eh! Mother I hear you were also busy working on the chimney gosh what next I sure wish you wouldn't do them things as its to hard on you so please Mum take care of yourself and don't do that heavy work. Eh! Hello Blanche, I hear you were working on the chimney gosh Sis you know I only wish I was home to do that stuff. I know it's my job but God has called me to do my Duty but I'll sure make up for this when I go back. That is soon. Say hello to Paul for me. Eh! Say hello to the rest of the kids. Hello Lorraine I hear you are working pretty steady. I'll bet you are pretty fast, eh, ha, ha! Well Emilda, they tell me you were on holidays, eh! Well I hope you had a good time and show Dad, Mother that you appreciated that. George, old boy I guess your holidays most of fun pretty good, eh! As you were in no rush coming back. Well I do hope you had a well rest and now that your back help Dad all you can eh! Sometimes a little hand means the world. Carmelle, I heard you and Maxine have the odd word, eh that's bad but Louis sends you both all the kisses in the world. Also a big hello to Duke and tell him to take it easy also said that Uncle Eddy and Aunty may be going down next month, eth! Gosh tell them both for me as they treated me like a king also tell them that I wrote a few letters in my spare time and sure hope they got them. Well I myself am not doing much I speak a lot of friends and you know what I mean so when ever my boss needs he yells out hey Louis, and there I go. Other than that it's just the old Army routine so seeing that this is all I hope to say. I'll say bye bye for now I mean to write to Denise say hello and write me as soon as possible but I'm called, have to go now so I'll close wishing you all the luck and health in the world and keep them candle's burning.

Your son, brother, who loves you all and often thinks and says a prayer for you every night or when ever a chance is open. Love Buck xxxxx