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Date: August 20th 1944

L106508 Pte J.L. Dureault

Some where in France

Bn H.Q. Coy S.lS. Regt. C.A.O.

Sun. 20/44 August

Dearest Dad Mother Bro. & Sis,

So here I am once more seeing that I have time to write to tell you I am fine and as healthy as always so I guess that's that. The important part of it all, eh!? I have not yet received any letters but expect some any old time now. Well Dad, U sure hope that you are taking it easy and also hope that you are feeling well. Mother the same goes for you and make sure you don't work to hard Mom and make sure now that you don't work to hard, I mean the both of you, eh!

Hello Blanche, how's the big Sis fine I do hope big hello to Paul for me, eh? And all the kids - I love them. Lorraine How are you behaving best as possible I, I, I, hope (ha!ha!) Emilda, I guess Holidays are almost all over for you eh? Well be a good little girl, I love you. Hello Geo, old boy, how are you behaving fairly well I hope and are you keeping care of Rex for me and does he still take them spells? Carmelle, are you being a good girl? Many of kisses to you and hugs too. Maxine, thousands and millions of kisses to you dear little one. Say hello to Duke for me, eh? I suppose he's busy harvesting now, eh?

Well folks as for me. I can't say I have been doing much .. Jerry is pretty well on the run now and that keep's us busy moving around which some us don't mind that at all cause the more he goes back the faster it will be good for us all. Too much misery. The other night I kind of thought I was a mouse 'cause the Jerrie's sent over a few planes and he sure made me hit the ground of good old mother earth my heart pounded very hard but I knew why I was here. I was here for the eternal fight for freedom. I have done quite a quite a few other things lately but I can't tell you as were not allowed to do so, it's best not to for our own safety. Can't let the Jerrie's know.

Well folks have you heard from Tuck lately. I guess he's wrote to me but I just haven't had his letters delivery yet. He's a great chap and I love him. Oh! by the way remember me saying I had my pen stolen on me well I've got one now and you'll wonder how. Well it's like this it use to belong to a Jerry (period) but its mine now. Ha! Ha! On them.

Well, I really havent' got any more to say for now as there really isn't any news around here my French has come in real handy for the government and army lately telling the French people where to go and hide and every time they see me a French people I hear them say Hey Louis come here and do your stuff.. we love you.. thank you for being here.

So you see when I go back home I'll be remembered by them and I am a real French man. Ha! ha! Well here's wishing you all the Health and all the Luck in the world to all of you. May God bless you, all so here's hoping to see you all real soon.

Your son who loves you all very much

And thinks of you all the time and pray's

For you,

As Ever, Buck xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx