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Date: August 10th 1945

R.W.C. Hosp. C.a. Eng.

Aug 10 1945

Dearest Dad Mother Bro Sis & Duke,

Hello there everybody how are you all?! As for myself am feeling the very best. I have some news for you I am leaving this place Friday the 17th bug out and then go to my holding unit and what happens from there on is more than I can say I hope that it is homeward bound. Quite a few of the fellows here left for home they were mostly men with 150 point I'm not so good in the points all I got is 53 so I may be quite a while before my turn comes. Gee the Cdn Mail is been awful these last few day's hardly any at all so I'm hoping to get some tomorrow.

Has there been anybody at home yet to investigate about the application I put in ?!! I sure hope I hear something from it real soon as I'd sure like to be on my way.

Well I suppose they isn't a heck of a lot doing or is there have they started to cut grain yet? I suppose it won't be so long now before they will. It will be real busy the. Say Hello to all Uncle's and Ants' for me and I sure hope that they are all fine and in the very best of Health. The weather over here is fairly good oh! What do you think of the Jap's folding u it's alright isn't it? It sure will save a lot of blood shed. There has been so much blood shed I don't think I will very forget what I see.

Well I must go now there really isn't a darn thing to say if I find out the address that I'm going to I'll be sure to write and let you know. Until then may God bless you and keep you all safe. Your Son & Bro who loves you all very much.

Love and Kisses to all Cheers

For now

Louis xxxxxxxxxxx