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Date: August 9th 1944

L. 106508 Pte. J. L. Dureault

B.H.Q. S.S.R. C.A.O.

Aug 9/44

Dearest Dad Mother Bro & Sis;

Hello folk's here I am once more to tell you I'm fine and sure hope you are all the same. I write but I have no news's but to tell you I'm fine and in the best of Health and as happy can be expected away from home. I'm working under the Red Cross and you can rest assured that it is a good safe job. I kind of like the work other than that's it's still the old Army but it won't be long now before were all back to good old Civic life. I was fooling around this morning and boy I found one of the nicest crosses I ever did see so I put it in my Haines sock for a souvenir. That's one thing I wouldn't do is step on a cross or have it there so anything I see of that kind I just burn it. It's the only thing I can do with them. I hope it is alright to do that I also say my rosary every opportunity so I'm not forgetting my Church the best in the world and the only real one. Well Dad, how are you I sure hope you are taking it easy and keep healthy Dad. Hello Mother I sure hope you are fine and also not doing much good Mother. Hello Blanche how's the big Sis fine I hope Hello to Paul and all the kid's I know to tell them I can't write now as the little paper I get is for use and the girlfriend but I'll write to them as soon as paper comes. Lorraine and Emilda how are you girls behaving well I hope and listen to Dad & Mother. Geo, old timer how's things fine I hope and be good Carmelle big kisses to you and hope your being a good little girl. Maxine million and thousands of kisses to you and be good also say a big hello and kisses to Denise will try to write to her in the next few days. Hello to Duke, Grandmother and Uncle and Ants. Sp till I write again best of health and all the luck in the world to all I have not received any letters or parcel but hope to in the next few days.

From your Son & Bro. who loves you

All very much and often thinks of you

And is sending you all the love and Kisses in the world, as ever

Buck xxXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx