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Date: August 1st 1945

R.W.C. Hosp C.A.O.

Aug 1, 1945

Dearest Dad Mother Bro & Sis & Duke,

Hello everybody here I am once more received a swell letter from Dad today and sure was pleased to hear of you. Sorry to hear that you couldn't get your hand Dad. I do hope that you'll be able to get it sooner than you expect to.

Yes Dad & Mother I don't doubt a bit that it was a great shock to hear of Lorraine's operation but she's a young girl and healthy and she should recover from it very easily. I suppose that she'll be home by the time you receive this letter.

So there's a lot of Wolseley boy's back, eh? It won't be long till we're all back now as I think that we'll be going home by regiments from now on and as I'm in the South ask Second Div it shouldn't be so long the Capt is going to send me to my holding unit as soon as there ready if I don't hear from my application by then.

Dad if Uncle Eugene says Rex is attached to him tell him I give him Rex as he is a fairly big dog and a little big for a town dog as he has a good place and he will be well kept care of. We'll get a smaller one and train him a few things. I do hope that the frost does not touch the crops but all we can do is hope for the best.

As for myself am feeling the very best and am very anxious to go home to help you Dad and I feel quite sure that you and I will make a good go of things Dad. Must go now best of health and luck to everybody and May God bless you all.

Your son and bro who loves you all

So very much.

Louis xxx