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Date: April 26th 1945

P.S. Just received another letter From you Dad and will answer it tomorrow.


April 26/45

Dearest Dad & Mother & Bro & Sis & Duke,

Received your most welcome letter yesterday Dad and sure was pleased to see your good old handwriting your doing very good in fact 100% but promise me that you'll take it really easy and don't go to work for a while yet Dad. I also received a swell letter from Lorraine and also one from Denise. I sure was pleased thanks a lot Lorraine Tuck say's that your letters are swell and he sure isn't fooling when he say's that they are real nice. As for myself I am getting along find can't complain a bit not doing anything but will soon be going of here in a Holding Unit or something like that.

I was speaking to Leo yesterday afternoon he's getting along fine. So we may be going out of here about the same time so that will be nice were going to try and get our leaves at the same time.

Well there isn't really anything new except that the War is nearly all over with and we'll soon be able to go home to our dear ones. So get well Dad and you and I are really going to make something out of it and If I can help it and to the best of my ability you won't work very much so let's pray God to help us and bring me home to help you Dad I know you need my help but as you were working for the Company they couldn't also do anything. But we'll soon be home again and everything will be OK. Where having lovely weather here and I do nope that it is the same back home now well paper is getting short so I must say cheerio for now.

From your Son & Bro who loves you dearly and

Always thinks of you and prays to be able to be with you all real soon.

Love & Kisses Louis