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Date: April 22nd 1945

R.W.C.H. C.A. O

April 22, 1945 Sunday

Dearest Dad Mother Bro and Sis & Duke,

Well today being Sunday morning and I've just come back from Mass I thought I'd drop a line home.

First I have a great meeting to tell. Friday afternoon which happen to be admitting and I was working in here giving them bed numbers, etc and I was pretty busy at the time and guess who comes in Leo Perra well I darn near fainted. I knew him right away and he saw some change in me in fact quite a bit. Leo hasn't changed a bit, only he lost a lot of his hair it makes him look a lot like Ernest gosh I sure was glad to see him. I'll see him pretty often now as he is in C spider and I suppose he'll be here quite a while so we'll be together for a couple of weeks anyway it sure was nice to see him.

Well Dad how are you feeling now I hope that you are well and not to weak or more or less all in all so take it easy eh! Dad?!! Mother I hope you are not doing more than you should. Went over and showed Vic some of the pictures I had and he hardly know them all he ays they've all grown so much. Well I'm getting short of paper so I'll sign off wishing you all the very best of health and things.

From your Son who loves You

Dearly and Cheerio Louis