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Date: April 7th 1945

R.W.C.H. C.A.O.

April 7/45

Dearest Dad;

Well here I am once more doing nothing so I thought I'd write to the swellest person in the world to me and that is you Dad. I do hope that you are coming along fine and not to weak. I suppose Mother and the family has been up to see you. I got a letter from Lorraine yesterday and she said that they were all fine. I also received a swell letter from Phil Robertson today and he is getting a leave from Holland and is coming to see me boy it sure will be nice to see Phil again we sure were great pals. How are the Nursing girls' treating you Dad taking good care of you tell them that if they don't that your son will sure speak to them later to straighten them out ha! Ha!. T

The weather over here isn't any to nice at the present it's always cloudy & wanting to rain but I sure hope it don't rain. I suppose a lot of the farmers are ready to put their grain in by Nov, eh. I guess most of us boy's will be home around fall I imagine boy wont that be swell Dad so hurry and get well, eh? Old Hitler is almost done now and it's a good thing too as everybody is getting pretty sick of this dam Old War. Has any of your boss's been up to see you yet?!! Well Dad, I really haven't any more to say now. I'm not taking any more treatments am working in the Capt's office now keeping the books etc and find it very interesting.

Well must go now.

From your son who is always thinking

Of you and May God Bless you and take care of you.

Love Louis