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Date: April 4th 1945

R.W.C.H. C.A.O.

April 4/45

Dearest Dad,

I've just received word that you ran up in an accident I was very sorry to hear about it but I feel quite sure that everything is alright. I hope that you are feeling fine and not too weak. I'll say an extra prayer for you Dad I've always's said one but I'll say more now. I was going to see the Padre/Priest this afternoon but he is absent till Saturday Morning so I'll go and see him then and see if I can do anything. I sure hope that this War is over soon so I can go home and help you Dad. Tell then we'll just have to pray real hard and hope.

If there is anything in the world that I can do Dad Please tell me Dad, as for myself I am feeling real good.I'll be out in a couple of week's or so as an A1 man but that good news is that they are not sending us men who have been in action out again so that's really is good news!

I'll be going to Communion for you Sunday morning Dad and I know you'll be alright I also got a letter from Lea Dureau today and he is fine and sent me some more cigs also. Sure is a nice girl, isn't she. I also received a letter from Leo Perra and he is coming along fine and I'll be able to see him real soon. I'll try and get a leave to go and see him. Don't tease the nurses to much, eh Dad! Ha! Ha!

I'll be writing again real soon and I do hope you can get up awful soon Dad, till then may God bless you and keep you real good care of yourself Dad.

From your son that loves you Dearly and thinks of you often.

Love Louis xxxxx

P.S. Loads of kisses and hugs for you Dad.