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Date: October 8th 1943

R.C.A.F. Overseas
Oct.8, 1943

Dear Inona-:

Read your letter of Sept 6 to-day. It sure takes some time for some mail to get across here. You are getting pretty good handwriting five letters in one night, I wish I could do that. Im luck as the devil if I get two written. This is my noon hour so the letter may not be very long but will try and write as much as I can. Read five letters to-day, two from Dorothy, one from Mom and Hazel and you. I don't think I will ever get caught up in my writing unless I get a couple of weeks off or something. Usually write to Dorothy every night and by the time I get that done I usually feel like going to bed. Anyway I may get caught up sometime. I wish you would apologize to Edna to me for not writing more often.

Glad to hear Stanley alot better. It shouldn't be too long before he is home. I will write to him one of these days.

I am not in the same place as I was before. Am pretty busy up here too. Wish it was all over with and I was back home again but as you say wishing doesn't do any good. Its pretty darn cold in these parts. I have seven blankets on every night and wake up in the morning freezing. I had a medical examination this morning and a couple of shots in my arm so I guess that will do for awhile. Have to get a tooth filled to-morrow.

As far as I know now we will be leaving this country and going down to the east. It should be a lot warmer anyway.

I have only seen Jim once since I come over. Had three days leave about a week ago but didn't think it was worth while going up for such a short stay. I am not very far from Jim here so we may see each other more often.

I wish the cigarettes would start coming over. Jim has sent me 600 so far.

Well its time to go to work again so guess I will close for this time


P.S. Try and keep Dad tied down.

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