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Date: July 9th 1942

Calgary Albt.

Dear Margaret-:

I read your letter the other day and was glad to get the picture. They are cute aren't they? The time is passing pretty fast out here and hope it keeps up. That leave I told you about is all a bunch of bullshit I guess it was just to cheer us up a bit. I thought there was something wrong for I never hear of anybody getting leave when they were on the course yet. I will be lucky as hell if I get the course anyway it is getting worse everyday.

This week they have us working fifteen hours a day. We get up at 6:00 in the morning and don't get off until 9 at night. It sure makes it a long day. We were supposed to get a 48 hr pass this week and but put us on duty watch Friday nite so that will only make it a 36. The Calgary Stampede is just started. It is much the same on the C.N.E. only it is all calf roping and riding wild horses and steers on the grand stand. I would rather have it than C N E though. They sure don't want us very bad out here. They are washing them out about as fast as they come in. (some war effort eh!) I'd sure like to be in civilian clothes for about two days and tell some of these smart big bastards off. Well it is 10.30 so I guess I will close before the lights go out and go to sleep


P.S. I am in bed so the writing isn't so good. Hope you can understand it.

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Original Scans