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Date: June 9th 1942

Calgary Alb.

9 - 6 - 42

Dear Inona-:

I rec'd your candy on saturday and it as a bit mushy but was good just the same. Well I really got settled down to work and I mean work it sure is a buggar the amount of stuff we cover in a day. It takes a person all night studying to be ready for the next day. If a person doesn't study he just gets sets back. There is an examine every two weeks and if he doesn't pass he gets set back another month so it is worth while to study. It sure is a nice country up here now. It was snowing on June 1 but it changed awfully quick.

Boy there sure is a lot of girls out here. There is five air force camps and two army and still there isn't enough boys to get them all. I have met a couple of nice girls but from what I know 75% of them are bad hens. They had red light hours up until about a year ago and I guess they haven't got broke off it yet for about 20 of the streets are out of bounds.

The course had been made so long that I think we are going to get two weeks leave about the middle of it but it is just a rumor as yet. Its going to cost a hell of a lot to go back home so don't know what I will do. I would like to go to the coast for a trip, but will see when the time comes if it even does. Well I guess it is time to go back to the castle for the afternoon so write soon.


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