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Date: June 23rd 1915
Albert Crutchley
J. Lowrison


Private J. Lowrison, who left Nanaimo with the second contingent, writes to his friend Albert Crutchley, Five Acres, from the Red Cross hospital, Standish House, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England, as follows, the letter is dated June 2:

Just a line or two to let you know that the Germans have not got me yet, although they managed to near kill me on Victoria day. I am in a hospital as you will see by the heading. I just got back from France on Saturday night on an ambulance. I would like to hear from you very much. The Canadians are getting into some warm corners. The Germans could not hold against us very long if it was not for their artillery; they can't meet us in infantry at all, they are done as soon as they meet us man to man in a bayonet charge, but their artillery is good and creates havoc amongst our lines. I am in the first B.C. regiment. Our officers have suffered badly, most of them being killed or wounded. If you write I would not get your letters as I shall be out of the hospital before they get here but I will let you know where to write later. I will close now as I don't feel equal to writing a great lot just yet.