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Date: October 18th 1944

Oct. 18, 1944.

Dear Mom - About a week ago I rec'd yours May 28, June 16, July 3, 15, and 23. Today I again hit the jack-pot when I got yours Aug. 13, Jim's Aug. 15 and 21 and snaps from Brenda Aug. 19. Linda is a sweet kid and seems to have lots of the old personality, Sorry to hear Bob has been grounded as I suppose he liked his job and will probably be very disappointed. I'll bet you enjoyed your trip all right but in the end were glad to get back to God's country. I hope for your sake that the Merry Mass are posted to the coast, Things are generally quick around here. I still plough around the joint a few times a day, in the same old circles. We do our own cooking here which passes a little of the time, the rest of which is taken up with reading, chess or cribbage. I hope this fast life doesn't burn me out. Solong, love, Syd

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