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Date: October 10th 1944

Oct. 10, 1944

Dear Mom - A couple of days ago I rec'd your letters of June 11, Aug. 1 and 6, Brenda's Aug. 3, and a letter from Jean McMillan June 3. I am glad to hear that you had a really good time on your trip East and I'll bet Linda fulfilled all your expectations. Your letters are certainly interesting - the bits of news and movie items are something different. I hope mail at that end has speeded up a little. Yesterday 300 page from Spencer's War Aid Society arrived. I'm hoping to get my May personal soon and I hear that a load of personals arrived here today, so who knows? I'm glad you sent underwear and pyjamas in August - I never was much of an optimist, was I? My days here are spent chiefly on reading and walking, though not too much of former as lights are never too good. Sorry to hear Jimmy Routledge died. Well, solong for now, Mom, love to Jim and yourself, Syd.

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Original Scans