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Date: March 23rd 1944
Peter Mahon

12 Cdn. Rd. Reg't. RCA
Cdn. Army, England.
March 23rd 1944

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Quinlan and family,

Tonight I received letters from Mother and Kay telling me the sad news about Jack. I can hardly tell you how sorry I feel about the news.

It is such a short time since I saw him last December and had such a good talk with him.

I hope that you can take some small consolation from the knowledge that Jack was one of the best of the boys from home and has never at any time done anything but stand for the principles that we hold dear. He had a profound belief in Canada and her destiny and wanted to do all he could to keep war from her shores. Jack knew very well what he was fighting for and felt that it was worth while.

I will have a mass said for Jack over here and I feel sure that God will have already accepted him as one of his own.

If there is anything I can do at any time to help you, I will be only too glad to do so.

In closing I find I can hardly find the right way to tell you how sorry I feel about the news, but I do hope that somehow in some small way that I have helped to soften the blow you have suffered. Please accept my letter in the way I mean it and forgive me if I made you feel this any more than you already have.


Peter Mahon

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