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Date: July 1st 1943
Eileen; Moose; Mother; Dad

July 1 - 43
Dear Eileen & Moose & Mother & dad

I have just received your letters forwarded from the "Y depot" - and as well the Blue Letter - in which you all wrote - I hope you will again. But also send the regular kind. They are so full of news.

I worry a lot about young Michael & yourself, Eileen. Are you eating loads of fruit? Have just re read Havelock Ellis "Physiology of Sex" - as well as prominent lady mich[?], scientist Marie Stopes 'Married Love,' and am bursting with marital knowledge. I guess you're lucky I'm not there. I have had a marvelous holiday so far - but this 'honey moon" as we call it will soon be over. Received letter from Chuck, Mrs. Pook[?], Annie, Dot, Joan8[?], James Harris, - it comes in bunches.

I had 5 days leave but didn't go to Montrose because I expect to commence 4 month operational training near there soon - by the middle of July. There is so much to see; so much doing; so many meri[?] women from all over - I certainly wouldn't have missed this - whatever comes next. The RCAF treat us wonderfully - we are very well cared for - always except the "commies-for-all-pilots" matter - which of course Canada is trying to correct. Thanks for the news everyone, Except that you told very little of a special friend of mine and yours, I mean W[?]. What's he up to of late? What is Harry doing? - does he read much? Tell Polly Canadian girls over here can pick any man in Europe certainly they count their Canadian dates by the 100.

July 7 '43
A week later & no letter away. But that's how it is - when I began this I was holidaying - now I am at an Advanced Flying Unit, deep within England and flying an aircraft once more a little larger. I am so glad & had that G.R. course. It certainly seems to be the think, Veteran pilots even regard it with some respect. Wait! I must draw the black-out curtains. I am nicely settled in my own little hut - with regular furniture; now I am much more of an individual & beginning o feel a little like a pilot & not an aviator. To-day we studied the action to take if we find an enemy aircraft in our circuit with us at nite. (a favourite trick of the German characters it seems - tho of course they are busy at home just now. I am in the best health, ever, browning & getting exercises, To-nite we had fun - 40 young men - as five as any in Canada I'd say - we we went swimming in the beautiful pool at this old University town; & practiced "dingy dull" - then to a pub for lunch with beer & now (1030) home. By the way tell Eileen I was so glad to hear they had poppies the countryside here is covered with them - they are so pretty. I have a bright bouquet in my room - & am taking quite a ragging about them. I have started a long letter (I'm ashamed of how few I've written) it should be there the end of July. Your Air Mail letter came over incredibly fast. Thanks again for the snaps - every guy in our flight knows my whole family - Bill - Paulette G - Lana Turner[?] Dot famous[?] Harry - Billy Bishop[?] - [?] & Moose". I shall write more regularly now I imagine. I think of you all (up at the Lake?) very often. - All my love


P.S. Harry is missing a wonderful training in the A.F. - While a seaman in the navy is rather a rough, tough job.

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Original Scans