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Date: January 31st 1944

31 Jan 44
Next Day!!

This letter can't get away until tomorrow now; having missed the daily censor period. Its very hot again, like your July; everyone taking sun-baths. However I like it, for the climate is dry, as is your own. I wrote to Art (he's in Italy) when I first came out here but have had no reply as yet. I guess my letter has been lost.

By the way if & when you send anything out here - do include a few papers - Toronto Sat Nite or Montreal or Wpg - or McLeans or even a Financial Post - there's something running in it now I wanted to read, but I've forgotten.

I'm so glad your enjoying reading (you said so in one letter) - I'm doing more than ever: for there is considerable opportunity. I guess I had better do my reading just now - for I know if I hope to have a family approaching yours I shan't always have such command of my leisure. - Last week I thought I was stuck for the night in [censored]. So I went to the "Alette" the big hotel. When I inquired re. a 'chambre a coucher', the young desk clerk (an American army boy) smiled & said, "Sargent we have a civilian staying with us - Mr. George Raft; other than that we have no one below the rank of Colonel." I suppose he exaggerated; but you can see how difficult accommodation can be.

You notice I've numbered this letter # 1 again -

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Original Scans