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Date: January 4th 1943

4 Jan '43

Dear Patricia:

Don't know where your last letter is right now, but it was fine. I certainly like your letters. My correspondence has of necessity fallen off the last month. As well I have received no mail since leaving U.K.., for I don't yet know where my forwarding address is to be.

However I'm having a wonderful time, and storing up enough material to bore you for years. I have been in Algiers often, not to mention other Moroccan cities; I like them. The French girls, as ever, are very chic and quite proper. The country is I imagine like California; today I have a desk set up by our tent and am having a sun-tan as I write. The weather is like Labour Day at Waskesui. And the pine grove we are encamped in makes me think of Waskesui every night - tho when I wander 50 yds down the Mediteranean beach I am in an orange (tangerine) grove.

Had a few dates with a Chicago W.A.A.C, - which was fun. Me; I like the North American Way. I took the greatest delight in your account of your job. I liked it too. I've always like meeting people. I used to know that Draft Route so well. Do you like Bill McKay in R.M.s - and Mah Jong? & crotchety old Bamford[?]. Is young Teddy Bill with him? he used to be a big Joe in the Varsity drug store. Wish him a Happy New Year for me. Ask Mr. Diefenbaker whether Drew of Ontario* means what he says or is he just trying to wrangle a title in England - Tho why in hell any Canadian would want that?

Anyway I think I'm thru with John D. he used to word "Empire" in his last letter; which isn't popular with this generation of Canadians; As well even the lords of England use "Commonwealth". Left him to get on the beam. Do write again - to my old address*. Your brother who is crazy for you - John M.

*Unless this is received before Jan 10 - which isn't likely, I guess
*Also why he doesn't call himself plain Mr. Drew. Oh Yes Merry Xmas.

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