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Date: June 27th 1942

Dear Mom - June 27, 1942

I hope you are all well out there and that things are still peaceful at that end of the island anyway. A big batch of mail arrived yesterday - Dec., Jan. and Feb. letters from Brenda & you, Easter and birthday cards, Xmas cards from the Moirs in N.Y., letters from Monty Dunn and Mrs. Norsworthy. I'll be soon caught up in back mail and am looking forward to later ones. Latest so far is yours of March 5. Lots of parcels lately - Second personal, one of pants, shirt, pyjamas, one of two blankets, etc., one of shoes and underwear, parcel of twelve books, chocolate from San Francisco, standard American food, cigarettes from Agnes and B. C. House. I'm the envy of the rest of the boys with my blankets, shoes, etc. and I really appreciate your good judgement in sending them. Everything fits swell. I was not allowed to have the kit bag but may get it yet.

Please thank all the people who helped send parcels for me. Don't waste too much time and money on parcels, as I am getting tough now and can easily do without. Spend most of my time sun-bathing, walking or reading. Biggest enemy is monotony. Are Brenda and Bob still serious? Of course I still think of them as kids. Love to Brenda & Jim.

Tons of love,


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