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Date: July 22nd 1942

July 22, 1942

Dearest Mom - I've received your letters of May 14, 18 and 23, Brenda's of May 5, 12, 19, Jim's of May 4, 11 and 18 and collection of signatures, Agnes of March 11. Airmail service seems very good. Lots of March and April ordinary mail too. Parcels received recently follow - sleeping bag, pants etc., second personal with duffle bag, sport shoes and underwear, Indian sweater and food, sweater, socks and chocolate Mrs. Bunce, tow American Red Cross food, chocolate, San Francisco, two private food I have left in store to be drawn when I wish so don't know which they are. 12 books from Brenda, games and two books, with board, R.A. Bulletin have arrived. Your picture finally arrived and it's swell. I am going to get one of the boys here to make a frame for it. Sleeping bag is great, I had everyone looking at it yesterday. They all want one now. Everything in parcels is perfect, Mom, you seem to know just what I want. Indian sweater will be great in winter. Don't send any more clothing whatsoever as I have plenty now. Forgot to mention two blankets in list up above. Food parcels from Seattle are swell. Thanks a million, Mom for all you've done for me. I hope you're all still in the best of health out there and things are still quiet. Impression here seems to be that John Myher[?] is dead. How does Brenda like being separated from her hubby? I certainly hope Bob makes good in his new job better than I did anyway. Tell Brenda we've been listening to Glenn Millers recordings of "Chattanooga Choo", Elmer's Tune, I Know why and Cradle Song. Or am I just showing my ignorance. One fellow here got a good collection of swing records - real hot stuff. I haven't touched a piano since I was shot down and I sure miss it sometimes. When I get sheet music from Brenda I'll have to start again. An orchestra has been formed here, but I prefer Glenn Miller. I've had six fag parcels from you, Agnes and B.C. House. As I don't smoke I give them to others. Thank Agnes for letters and parcels. Also Mrs. Bunce and Mrs. Murray. I wish I could write to them all but hope they understand. Tell Jim I read sports news to Canucks and rubbed it in about Dominoes winning. Get him to say hello to the gang for me. We're all in good spirits here although it does get monotonous at times. I'm certainly lucky to have you looking after me, but don't go to too great expense in parcels. Well, solong for now, lots of love to you all.

Love, Syd

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