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Date: February 22nd 1942

Feb 22/42
Dear Folks:
As you see from the address I have been moved. We are down here on a course and I don't know for sure whether we will be going back to or not. But anyway last Thursday at noon a signal came threw that I was to be attached here as soon as possible I left Friday morning at 9:15 and after being up all nite and going first to headquarters near here I arrived last nite at 5:30. Altogether I changed trains nine times and was pretty thoroughly disgusted and tired etc upon arrival and mattes aren't helped much with a farmhouse billet, candle light, snow & iced and outside plumbing. However, as I said before it is and when we have . One of the Winnipeg boys from another & station also is here.
Same through Edinburg, Newcastle and other well known places or I should say changed trains. Spent an hour in and tried to phone Browns but they were out. I tried again today from here but no answer again. However it is less than an hour in by bus and good connections so I may go soon & J. Livingstone is quite easily reached by phone from here also, Betty, so I may phone him tomorrow.
Your parcel arrived this week as did as did also one from Francis & Enid. Thanks for all the things but I had to give quite a bit of it away as had no room for it. Please don't send anymore for awhile as I don't really need it. I also have reams of writing paper and it can be bought almost anywhere. I've carried 2 lbs of lump sugar around

NOTE: THIS APPARENTLY WRITTEN JUST BEFORE LEAVING FOR INDIA. I was evidently too careless for the Censor's taste! GWB

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