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Date: September 27th 1943

27 Sept 43.

Dear Jean:

This is Monday morning - and I have just arrived back in Ottawa from Toronto. There is very little I can do here on a week end, so I decided to go to Toronto Friday p.m. got there about 10 p.m. Nora and Nancy were at the station to meet me. Saturday a.m. I called at the University of Toronto, but none of the professors were in that morning - so had lunch down town with Jack Sloane, and in the afternoon took the bus out to Pickering - 20 miles from Toronto, where Bill Andrews works & lives. Had a nice visit with Bill Joyce & the little fellow Gerry. Joyce got a nice roast beef dinner - and I got back to Noras about 10 p.m. Spent all day Sunday with Nora made one call in the p.m. to 2 old cousins - Clara Andrews, and Ethel Graham, both maiden ladies but they were glad to see me. Couldn't get a berth to Ottawa, so sat up all night but I really must have slept quite a bit because it seemed no time at all when the trainman came through to announce Ottawa - and woke me up. Got a room at once in the hotel here and have just had breakfast. No use doing any business till 9 o'clock so thought I'd get you posted.

Am very glad I had the 2 days at Toronto really got to know Nora's children better and they are darlings - My we were all saying "if only Jean & Mary E. could have been there too - it would have been perfect. Was also glad to see where Bill lives & works. They have a nice little apt in the company housing layout - Bill is Superintendent of most of the plant - a very responsible job. You would like Bill tremendously.
Have a meeting with some important people here this a.m. - and hope soon for a decision on my movements. Doubt if I shall be here another week-end. However don't yet know how I shall be travelling - water or air. If water it will take longer to get there, consequently longer to let you know of my arrival. c/o Dr Howlett will be OK for mail. Love to you both -


P.S. I had to draw $50.00 on our joint account S255 in Victoria (BNS). Hope I wont need any more. (Gerry.)

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