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Date: September 17th 1944

R97725 Humphrey JF,
RCAF Overseas,
Sept. 17/44.

Hello Mom:

Here I am just as promised- another letter, I thought I had better write tonight because, I've finished my packing and I'll be a little stuck for time until I'm settled on my new station.

Within the next few weeks I'll get to meet my permanent crew and I'm looking forward to it because these will be the boys I'll be flying on operations with all the time, I'll let you know all about them when we meet.

I met the officer who recommended me for my commission at Dafoe he's over here now and like myself is training for operations - it's funny running into fellows like that who used to order us around and now treat you like old friends- the're just regular fellows and you forget the "Sir" business.

Its nine o'clock at night now and I I'm in bed writing this letter so you see I'm keeping good hours an getting lots of sleep, we're staying in a modern beach hotel and have an adjoining bath room, its really swell to open the big French doors on the balcony and let the sea breeze blow in, the food being so good and the quarters too it makes me a little sorry to leave, but the sooner I get on ops the better I'll like it. I'm getting more anxious to get on operations, I won't be happy until I'm into it- I hope I get in before the war ends.

Well mom I'm getting tired so I'll turn out the lights and get to sleep for I'll need to get all the rest I can for the big day tomorrow.

Give my regards to all.

Your loving son

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