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Date: March 15th 1942

No. 105

Capt. G.S. Andrews R.C.E.

Survey Directorate,

H.Q. Cdn Corps

Canadian Army O/S

England, 15 March 42

Dear Jean:

Another week - and your letter of 8 Feb came yesterday - also the boots - a letter from Den Start, my friend in Quebec, and some photos, map & note from Micky Trew. I often think that we have been pretty lucky in the mails - they are a bit slower than a while back, but all your letters have arrived with one or two exceptions a year ago. It makes one realize that in spite of some heavy naval losses recently - the axis hasen't got things all their own way.

Before I forget, sometimes when you get around to it would you get a box of "Admiration" cigars - at Morris' Tobacco [?] near the CPR on Gov't St - and enclose some in a parcel. They are not a high price cigar - Also I am now out of Dixie Plug - and hope there is some "on the way" - am using some ordinary stuff which I keep in reserve, but there is nothing like "Dixie Plug". The parcel of shirts etc hasn't come yet and I wondering if we have been unlucky again.

Glad the sawdust problem has [?] - that sort of thing should be taken over by the government - its wicked that private interests should be allowed to exploit the public - matters of fuel, electricity, and telephone etc.

Your gardening plans & arrangements sound very interesting and it ought to look swell. I can see what a lot of work I have got out of - when I come back all the heavy work will have been done - pretty soft. Am certainly glad you got a decent cleaner too - the best is always cheapest in the long run - and a good cleaner is something I'm always wanted you to have.

Evidently Gertrude is getting well acquainted with way F.B. friends - and am glad she likes them as you and I do. The Silburnes are a fine couple - Gertrudes fiancé sounds like a fine fellow and I hope their plans will work out as they wish -

The week has been a busy one - my Col Meuser got back tonight from a weeks leave - so I should have more time to get on with my own work - It's the first leave he has taken since I've been with him - and I appreciate better now how useful he is around the office - He's really a good little chap - I hope you will meet him someday - a good chance too, as he is in the permanent force - and after the war will quite likely come west for a spell - on duty.

Yesterday I had a 5 mile walk with Col. Hepburn, the Padre who is such an adept raconteur - I have spoken of him before - He is always coming out with the most apt and original wise cracks - The other day we were talking about a certain officer - and the Padre said - "They say he is a self made man - and he worships his creator". Occasionally he pops out with a story that I could hardly repeat - to you - but all are funny and 'a propos,

I hope you don't mind the pencil, it makes the best carbon copy - To-day Bert Hammond come to lunch - and we did a 9 mile tramp in the afternoon - Yesterday and today have been warm & spring like - I must remember to get a primrose for Miss Wilde - they will be coming out soon.

Have spent the odd hour last week revamping some of the paragraphs in my article for the Geog. Journal - and hope to have it in shape to hand over to Mr. Hinks - and wash my hands of it. It has taken far too much of my spare time now. However it has done B.C. a bit of good I think. As a result of my lecture - another request has come in this week to give a paper on B.C. to some Public Library Assn next month - one thing leads to another!

Read your little story about "Flicka" it was nice - I sometimes wish that we could live near a ranch - not too far away from the amenities of town - but so that Mary could grow up with the wonderful environment that a ranch could give. It is so noticeable in the army - the difference between the country bred and the town bred boys! On the average, the country boys are always end ahead of the city blokes - more reliable, self reliant, resourceful - and not afraid of work - and I think much [?} - more philosophical and reasoning.

Have borrowed Marg Bloomfield's camera - and as soon as I can get some plan for it I will try to get a few snaps. Morris' took some the last day Bert and I were there - so if they are any good I'll try to get copies for you.

May be going up to town then back -

My friend Charlie Sontar is back in this country he was sent back to Canada last year - Havent seen him ye the is at the Survey Coy.
Well dear - its almost 2 years now since we had to say au revoir - my love for you is even greater than then - because I have in many ways a deeper understanding of life - and I haven't met any girl here that I could ever get interested in. How wonderful it will be to have each other again - and to continue our life together! You have done magnificently back home too Jean - I am so proud of you and so proud of our baby too -



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