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Date: June 20th 1943

No 171

Major GS Andrews, RCE

10 Cdn Air Svy Liaison Sec

Att HQ First Cdn Army O/S

20 June 43

Dear Jean:

Your old man has had a busy week, and the coming one promises to be even busier. We are gradually getting our little [?] organized, and at the same time getting some definite progress on my other technical projects which I've been busy with so long. Your letters have been smiling with great regularity, yours of the 6 June arrived the 17th. It certainly is fine to have one come in each week. A letter from Gert came a week ago. She is a good sister, and writes me very so often when she has some news of the family, and is quite cheerful about not getting any answers from me. Your parcel with the braces arrived safely to, and the "[?]" [?] are fine. Expect to see the General this week, and will feel complete confidence that my pants will be maintained at their proper altitude. The other contents of the parcel were wonderful too. I have discovered a marvelous formula for making a real old time milk shake, a thing I've yearned for: some of the Klim, and a spoonful of the Nestle powder, whipped up with cold water, and allowed to stand for ½ hour. This makes a smooth [?] drink with a delightful flavor like malted milk, and banana. I'm taking a tin of the lemon powder up to Morris's. They love it.

On Friday, Ecila and I took a bus to Epsom to see "Crash [?]", the pictures at the local flick are pretty awful, and the Epsom [?] get out just in time to catch the last bus back here. It was quite a good show. I had had quite a strenuous day, and was in a good mood to enjoy the picture. Afterwards Ecila made some broiled cheese on toast. I put finely chopped up fresh onions on top of mine, and coffee. It is mostly down hill from "Shoelands" here, so I was in bed shortly after midnight. Knowing how much my wife loves her husband, as he does her, I sometimes wonder if she doesn't feel a bit resentful toward her man's wartime lady friends, its perfectly natural. Well of all the different kinds of lady friends that a soldier overseas could have, I am sure that Ecila is the kind that you would prefer me to have best of all. I think the friendship wouldn't have been more fortunate, I'm not her "dream type" if you could express it that way, nor she mine, but we do have a lot of fun, without either of us having to worry about the possibility of "dangerous relationships". Some day you will meet Ecila, and you will like her I know.

Today I went for a long bike ride up to the Thames, had lunch with some friends, were Lyle Trorey spends most of his spare time, today he had cooked most of the dinner, and later called at my friend Bill Bevan the lawyer. Got back to the mess for a nice cold supper of salad, had a hot bath, got some work done, and here I am at the end of my visit with you. Time flies, and speeds the day when we shall be together.



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