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Date: January 1942

Sgt. Pilot Davey J.V.
c/o R.A.F. H.Q.
Middle East Forces.
January. 1942

Dear Mom, Dad and Art:

Howdy folks, well have done nearly all our journey and are at present awaiting posting to a squadron. We had quite a good journey all told but will be glad to get settled again as we have been on the go over a month now. it gets rather tiring altho it had been a wonderful trip, lots of new ideas, customs and different people, monies etc. have about 4 different kinds of currency now. have had a swell time figuring out how much things are. first changing back to £/s/d and then to $ and ¢ finally deciding whether we have a good buy or getting gyped. At our first stop we had quite a bit of fun buying, pyjamas, shirts, sandals etc and really beating prices down they are all great ones for arguing so we do, we also had lots of good swimming sun bathing which went down good The kids native used to pester heck out of us wanting to wash our feet and ring trunks out. really funny, all of them ask for cigarettes from 5 up and ask 'buckshee' all the time. The first day we arrived in was funny when the natives come out in canoes, diving for pennies and fruit sellers, well I've never eaten so many bananas in such a short time as we did that day - all alike. bananas, oranges and cocoanuts. and now we are here. but really did have fun, peddl bums all over, good way to make a living, have got a lot of ideas to make dough when I get back. can try anyway. There isn't much to say really I have just finished one to Con and got 14 pages out of it how I don't know. but we shall try to get more out of this. At one stop on our journey we spent the most pleasant evening and nite one g could ever hope for, on arrival we washed, shaved and cleaned up in general and then went for supper and what a supper, chicken soup, salad beef and chicken, the most delicious fruit salad, followed by the swellest cake I've tasted for a long time, with thick icing and a dorned with peaches. well I was really full after that, we then went over to the European Club. and played darts and drank then about ten went back to our white mosquito netted beds out under the stars, it was really perfect and then up again at 4:00 to begin the next part of our journey, but what a lovely breakfast - Cornflakes in pkgs, grapefruit, ham and eggs, toast marmalade and coffee, wish that could happen all the time.

I am really stuck as to what to write about and I don't want to have this censored like my first.

How is every thing around home. do you enjoy the blackout they are rather annoying aren't they. altho I guess you dont do a great deal of nite travelling. How are you feeling now Mom. I sure hope you are really getting around now as its about time isn't it. I have had a rather unsettled stomach for the past few days but is getting better now. I guess it must be what I've eaten. quite a number of fellows have been the same way. We have sure been getting lots of sleeping hours in this last week, nothing else to do no place to go altho' we have a camp cinema here but there are so many people around its touch and go whether you'll get a ticket. There are Y.M.C.A.'s and N.A.A.F's here but not much there only food so we usually sleep. Last week - we had a good time we were staying in hostels did quite a bit of sightseeing, Pyramids etc saw a few good shows. That was the first time I've seen left hand drive cars on the right hand side of street since leaving Canada, and can say that I insisted on looking the wrong way, same as I did in England. We sure were pestered there by the beggars, shoe shine kids etc. The kids used to come and dirty your shoes with grease then ask in fact insisted on cleaning them, but if you could grab them and use their gowns to wipe it off they'd move on, they are miserable things make you feel like doing a chocking job, many got a dang good clout and kick in pants. Well theres really no more to say. I only hope by this time you've heard of my whereabouts you should have as I have sent a few cables since being out here.

I will start numbering the letters, this being one. I can't say how soon the next will be as I don't know where I will be stationed and how mailing facilities are but will write every week either letter or airgraph and will cable as often as possible. so cheers for now will all my love, and please say hello to every body for me, I am going to send an airgraph to Aunt Necia and Aunt Bee, I sent one to Ruth the other day.

Did I mention before that I hadn't heard from George Stock before leaving.

Bye for now and lots of love

Loving son


Here are a few negatives. I believe those of home are the ones you inquired about before. The others. - Ted and self - self. Jack Neil and a bead peddlor - and self at Uncle Harry's sorry you'll have to wait for the last one as they want one and I shall have to wait till I have more done. I believe I sent Con one - similar

Love Jack

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