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Date: April 25th 1940

c/o Bank of Nova Scotia

108 Old Broad St.



25 April, 1940.

Dearest Jean:

Still in London.

However we are getting our business straightened out and will be going into the country for training in a few days. Don't know yet what our specific address will be - so you can use the Bank of Nova Scotia, I have arranged with them for forwarding mail. I have been wondering what you are doing - and if you have got things in shape for closing up the house - and for your trip south. Think I better send this c/o Swannell's so that it will be forwarded pronto and correcto.

It has bothered me not a little to think of you struggling through all that packing by yourself. That is one of the most miserable jobs I know of - especially if you are doing much of it alone. I do hope you will be wise - and get help with it. Mary will be company - but I'm afraid not much help. She will soon be a month older than when I left - I'll bet she has a new bag of tricks - How I should love to see you both.
I believe there is another ship just arrived from Canada, with some more soldiers - and I am wondering and hoping that there will be another mail in. It will surely be good to get a letter.

I now have an idea, for the first time what our pay is likely to be - and I may be able to send you 100.00 per month. If I should run into unusual expenses here, I will have to cut it a bit - but I think you can be sure of 90.00 just when it will start coming through is another question, We have been advised that our pay doesn't start till we go on duty next week, so it almost looks as though I have lost a month's pay right at the start. However I may be able to make a claim for pay to cover the time from 3rd April, when we were instructed to proceed. If they should allow it, it will probably take a long time. They are really very decent about everything - but the war machine is a colossus. They have been fine about giving me time to get my kit together - and that is just about ready. You would laugh to see your old man in Kahki - with a hat on - Its just about time too, my civies are just about worn out - and my poor old burberry coat is almost fallen to pieces. I have been a bit extravagant about my kit - especially with shoes & boots - getting the best - because a man's feet are pretty important in this business. The cost of the kit is just a little more than the allowance, so it won't work out too badly that way. Fortunately during wartime they aren't too fussy and there are a few frills that I am not getting. The money I brought with me is just about going to see me through. The long stay in London, and other incidentals of the trip are being drawn from that, and it will be doubtful if they will allow a claim for expenses like that.

Likely by the time this reaches you, you will be at Auburn - Hope the trip wasn't too much of a chore, and that Mary behaved as well as possible. You must get some snaps & send not just the baby, but yourself too. Give my very best to the family - and to Caroline, Miss Shumaker, your aunt Lizzie -etc. I had intended writing Chris, but so far have been pretty busy.

Have been on the go every day in London - and walk a great deal, that seems to be the surest way of finding your way, when you are not familiar with the bus routes. For longer jumps I use the underground - which is a truly marvelous system. Am getting pretty good at finding my way around the central part of the city now - and can do pretty well on the outlying districts by use of map and underground. Have been able to contact several old friends, one or two are Survey people, and there are some interesting possibilities for future developments. Have also been out to the Williamson Camera people - who have given me a very cordial reception - and are very interested in our experience with their equipment in B.C.

Looked up the Bevans, (Uncle & Aunt of Marjory McLiesh) at tea-time yesterday - they were very glad to see me, and (I had met them here 6 years ago) they want Bill & me to spend a Sunday at their place up the river.

In order to get my allowance for you, I may have to have a copy of our marriage certificate, also a birth certificate for Mary E. In that case, I think I will write direct to the office of vital statistics in the gov't building in Victoria for copies - so you won't need to worry.
Bill has just come in - he went to a show - "Green Pastures" - but I thought I'd stay in & visit my wife & baby!

Heaps of love dear - and keep smiling


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