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Date: April 12th 1942

No. 109

Capt GS Andrews, RCE

Survey Directorate,

HQ Canadian Corps

Canadian Army Overseas.

England, 12 April 42.

Dear Jean:

This will have to be short, but want to get it mailed before I leave to catch my train, in about ½ an hour. Am going up country for about a week, to visit the Geographical Section Gen Staff, and to an RAF Bomber station for some consultations. It is a nice part of the country, and should be interesting and enjoyable. Also it is near where Mr Mulhollands brother lives, and I will try to get over to see him, perhaps next sunday. He has written me twice, and being FD's brother, he ought to be OK.

Last night was at a party at one of the other messes, and my Colonel had his lady their. She has just arrived in the country, from Canada, she is in some kind of Womens transport corps, anyway she will be driving, and she is very nice, they make a swell couple, both young and attractive, and lots of character. I hope you will meet them someday. The Colonel has been a good friend to me, and I hope we can work together as a team for a long time yet.

The only mail during the week was a couple of newspapers, which of course are always welcome. Perhaps there will be a letter waiting for me when I come back. There has been quite a bit of talk, in the newspapers etc about the formation of a Canadian Army here, so there may be some reorganization, and just what will happen to survey, is problematical, but it could mean some interesting and favorable developments. Some of the things I have been working to bring about, may at last be realized. However, I won't let myself be too optimistic, and will continue to be 'from Missouri' till things have happened.
Heard parts of a recording of Cripps' broadcast to India last night, before going to the party, and I was wondering if you too had heard it. Too bad the problem couldn't have been settled, and I hope the discussions, and the attempt at a solution may have a good influence, even if they didn't accomplish the main object of self government for India. This is certainly an era when extremist movements are running rampant in the old world. Well we will have to win the war first, and then see if we cant start an era of tolerance and cooperation.

Well dear, this is a bit disjointed, and there have been one or two interruptions, but must go now. Will write after I get back and tell you all about my trip.



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