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Camp Barckley
108204 1st CMR Bat
Block 2. Coy 9.

Dear mother

I hope you are all quite well I hope you got the card with the change of addres on it.

I got a very much Parcel from [?] Womens class at the chapel today [?] from the ministers I think Will you please thank them for me. I am writing a post card to Mrs Warcham today she is very good to me & has sent a couple to parcels. I am very well, but I am longing for the end of the War the time drags along pretty slowly here the only excitement we get is when the mail comes in & when the Parcels come up from the Depot. We have a football in this camp. so we are able to kick that around at times.

Captain Wilkins is here at the camp he was the Brigade Chaplin, & was captured at the same time as myself. I was at a little service he had last night, he Preaches twice in our Black on Sunday & once during the week.

I hope you have got the Horses in by now, how has the Weather been lately. it has been rather wet here for the last week or so

I havent heard from maggie yet. quite a lot of the Boy have had letters from Canada.

Everyone is very busy this afternoon writing their letter's.

Has Russell Evans been to see you yet. I should have liked to have seen him I hope he doesn't have to go away from England for some time. is Dick Lea still in England.

I got your letter yesterday written [?] 1st. The Dinner you mentioned made my mouth water.

I wish I was at Home now, I'd like to take a walk around with a dog & Jean again

you asked me for the address of our two Canadians I am sending you the address of one that was torn in medicine Hate, & doesnt know anyone in England. Pte HC Stevens.
108554 .1st CMR Batt.
Block 3. Coy 2.

I think if you can send him Bread & margarine & cheese & tin once in a while he will be very thankful for them. dont send me any more cocoa au Lait. Send tea instead the cocoa doesnt last very long The last parcel I got was very packed everything was lovely in it. you see they get quite a lot of knocking about before they get here.

give my very best love to them all at Home. & to Emmy & Joan.

I remain

your loving Son


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