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Date: November 16th 1913

Clavet Sask

My dear Sister

I was waiting all the while to hear from you. I was certain it was me that wrote last, so I just kept a waiting. But the other day what did D.A. tell me but that he took a letter for me from the Post office [?] what ever became of it I don't know. He said he was sure it was from you, so youll see it wasent my fault. I sent Alick a PC. Some time ago so that would tell you that I was alive and well.

Well to begin with, the winter is setting in in earnest already, so there wont be much work going on soon, that's the trouble with this Country. But I expect ill get a job soon that I will be able to follow all the year round. I am today with the McLeans. they all are well. But Annie says She is homesick and that shell have to go back to old Glasgow in the spring. She cant get the managing of the place. I believe that's the matter with her. I believe She's no dam good anyway. That mother of hers is going day and night so you don't need so say nothing about that in fear it will back to me.

I wrote Sandy about three week's ago and squared up with him, is Alich still thinking of leaving Grimsay. Well to tell you the truth though the winter is a bugger here I would never go back to old Scotland to live again. What place does he think of going to, or does he figure of coming here.

I had a letter from Niel Mackillop lately he thinks he will spend a winter in Grimsay soon. I don't believe he is fully contented with Australia. And besides he say the Girls at home have forgotten him, When I'm on this subject I must tell you that DA is wondering why you aren't writing him he thinks you've forgotten him too. Well how is everybody about, have you got embody with you this winter?

Now I must wind up. Trusting this will find you all well as it leaves me the same.

Yours devoted Brother
Ewen Nicholson