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Date: November 11th 1915

November 11 1915

My dear Sister

Your welcomed letter came to hand yesterday I sent you a P.C. on its arrival and hope you received same o.k. Well here I'am once again safe and sound in spite of all the Germans. We are at present resting in comfortable huts a couple of miles behind the line and having some weather believe me, it's raining in torrents all the time, but we take it all with a smile.

I hav'nt heard from Alick or John for a long time as I dont know what's wrong, only I hope Alick's safe as for John he's got a better chance.

Oh I'm sorry for porr D.C. I cant hardly believe that he's gone forever, it's sure is hard luck. I'm sure sorry for his poor parent's It must have been a hard hit for them. The poor Camerons have suffered heavely for our great cause. We generally loose a few every now and again but this trench warfare is nothing to an actual advance. It's terrible how many precious lives that's lost in this great war and we all wish it was all over. I had a letter from Annie Maclean Accrington also a big parcel some time ago, it was very kind of her. She always wants to know about sending the warm clothing but I dont need anything in that line as we get all we can carry of all sorts of clothing.

There's fellows going on pass every day but the gun section can only afford to let one man every two weeks go so my leave is quite a few weeks off yet. I expect D.J. will be leaving for Glasgow soon as I think he'll be getting his pass in a couple of weeks time.

The last we heard of Callum was that he was across in England somewhere. All the Uist fellows are all well and in good spirits.

With kindest regards to you all and all the neighbours. hoping to hear from you soon

Yours affec Brother