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Date: May 28th 1916

In the front line
Somewhere in Flanders.
May 28, 1916.

My dear Sister.

It's impossible to tell wheather this letter will be posted or not but there is one thing certain I'm going to scribble you a few lines or die in the effort. I have been putting it off now for nearley a week and I suppose you'll be thinking I'm getting as careless as I was in the days before this struggle started.

Your letters are coming quite regular lately also the P.J. is coming once as week as usual. I had Andrews and Mothers letter with your last, but I think I'll put off writing them for a day or two. I also had from Alick and John lately by the way John sent me some P.C.s they are all pretty good I think dont you? I'm enclosing a little map that was taken last winter, if you'll get it safe I'll tell you later how it was taken and what part on the map. The fellow standing up is my old friend McPherson from Balamore and in his right hand he is holding his snow covered rifle. Both of us had six days growth of beard on our face and had it had a wash for that same period.

You were asking in one of your letters was I a sniper. Machine Gunners cant do both jobs. Again you dont need to believe what you see in the papers abut snipers staying in No-Mans-land as yet. Of course it's like everything else that's in the papers all rot nothing else.

McPherson is with me on the same gun this trip in the trenches. I have'nt seen Malcom for a few days but I've almost sure he's still kicking. Donald John is away from us now, the last I heard of him he was somewhere in England with a sore arm.

Now Marie as I have'nt any news of any interest I might as well come to a close with kindest regards to you all, and all the neighbours about.

Will write you again soon

Yours affect brother