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Date: August 8th 1915


My dear Sister

Thanks ever so much for your parcel, as a rule we generally get all our parcels when we are resting but this time I got mine in the front line. Our bread supply ran short and one of our section fellows went out to buy some, and while coming back he brought all the parcels with him, and believe me they were very much welcomed. Thanks for Alicks photo it looks very good for a P.C. Ill always have it in my notebook.

We are pretty quiet here now but they are again bombarding to our right, and we never know what it might develop into, and to tell the truth we don't care. Will be getting relieved tomorrow so you need'nt worry about me next week.

Its very interesting to hear about the way [?][?] is carrying on, She sure cant be feeling at home nowadays, anyway I hope that D.C. will do his duty with Jane.

I haven't heard from John for some time I only at times drop him a field P.C. as I haven't any news of any importance for a letter. Alick dropped me a P.C. when leaving and that was the last I heard of him. I'm expecting to hear from him any day now. Before I forget I never received your second last parcel. They forwarded it to the place I was getting trained and I never received it. I'm really very sorry as there might have been valuable stuff in it. I made all kinds of inquiries about it but could not trace it. So I came to the conclusion that some narrow minded clerk grabbed it.

Theres no word about leave as yet, altho, there's fellows going every day If I'll be spaced and well I think within four weeks I'll be making tracks for Glasgow of course i'll let you know later on.

Now as I havent any news of any interest I better come to a close hoping this scribbled note will find you all enjoying the best of health and happiness as it leaves me the same at the time of writing altho' any moment might be my last we're always staring in death while in the front line

Yours as ever