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Date: April 1st 1916

April 1, 1916.

My dear Sister.

I received about half-a-dozen of your letters yesterday. So you see they dont all get burned up but, wander about until all of a sudden they come in a bunch. I also had two letters from Andrew you can tell him I'll answer them in a few days.

It's quite interesting to know that John Mackerel and Christy Mac Innes has pulled if off properly at long last. I doubt if he'll ever be happy with that little bitch. What kind of a wedding did they have I suppose Andrew would be up with his melodian.

I've had quite an easy time of it this last two weeks. I'm quite close to the channel undergoing a course on a new machine gun I suppose I'll be going back to my regiment in another week or so. In fact I'll be glad to go I always like to be up with the boys.

The weather has been lovely for this last week and everything looks like spring once again Another two weeks and I'll be a year out in France & Belgium and I think I had pretty luck, while I've seen other fellows only been out a week and then been hurled suddenly as ifinnity.

Now Marie I think I'll draw this note to a close I had a letter from john he said that the Photos will soon be ready.

Kindest regards