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Date: July 9th 1918

France 9/7/18

Dear Sister

I am writing you these few lines hoping to find you all well as it leaves me so at present I have not received the parcel yet neither the one Uncle John sent at present I am at the rifle range having a pretty good time, The weather is very unsettled. The inhabitants are busy harvesting the grain the wheat is certainly fine but everything is so old fashioned there is a few binders scattered through the country but the most is done with a sort of sickle and a large hook they can certainly make a nice loose bundle and they are tied and stooked.

The country around here is awful pretty it is rolling here and there is trees still standing or have been planted in groves in the villages. All the civilians seem to be in black The war still goes on the Canadians have started a drive yesterday as you know long before this reaches you and if they keep it up I guess we will soon be there this is the first place that I have seen beans growing by the acre, I guess Papa and Elisha are busy with harvest what is Ben going to do with his place on the B. C. T. I guess he will stay at the harbor as long as everything goes alright do you hear anything of Arthur Simpson it is a wonder Jim has not seen him by the way how is Jim getting on has he done any breaking this spring (Pte. S. Greenway 2020829 7th Battalion B. E. F. France. Does Ben feel any effects from being hurt last summer is labor very scarce in B. C. how are Quebec making out reports that some of the boys get from there say it is all voluntary enlistment. By the way the U.S. is coming to the front it looks like she will have the biggest say in the world after the war is over. By the way if I don't get those parcels you will have to make the cakes and put them away as I am sure getting cake hungry this army short cake I get. I am rather tired of it this is all this time hoping to hear from you soon - with love to all from


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